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Africa debt to China

have you ever borrowed money say for school or a shipping port but struggle to pay it back? then lender was like ok no problem just give me the rights to everything for the next 99 years!!. ask Sri Lanka a small island nation off the coast of India in 2010 they got a small

How a Foreigner can Property Purchase in Uganda

The Ugandan Constitution of 1995 allows freehold and Mailo land ownership rights exclusively to the citizens of Uganda. Foreigners in Uganda can only own land or real estate under a Leasehold Land tenure system. This lease usually runs from 49 to 99 years and with an automatic renewable clause as may be agreed. Foreigners may

Uganda property market

The Uganda real estate industry woke up to the realities of modernization and property value appreciation about two decades ago. Over time, the Uganda property market has seen a steady growth due to an increased population and bulging local and foreign investment base. Kampala, the capital city of Uganda has seen a steady growth in

Why of Investing in the African Market

What is investing If you are new to investing, here’s the memo;  in general, investing is the act of distribution of money and assets with the expectation that you can make a profit somewhere down the line. You can invest in various ways, for example, you can invest in durable goods, in real estate, in