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Africa debt to China

have you ever borrowed money say for school or a shipping port but struggle to pay it back? then lender was like ok no problem just give me the rights to everything for the next 99 years!!. ask Sri Lanka a small island nation off the coast of India in 2010 they got a small

Should you Invest in Uganda?

To any local or foreign investor, Land Investment in Uganda is among the profitable businesses one can think about. Investing in land is decision that would create a good return on capital. The potential of land purchases in Uganda has been acknowledged as an excellent investment within the East African region because of massive growth prospects. In Uganda,

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Uganda?

This is a common question every prospective investor in Uganda is asking himself.In case you are outside Uganda and want to buy a property, there are common questions that come into your mind. Kindly read the questions below and get a clear understanding of investing in Real estate in Uganda. In case of any query that

Buy property in Uganda

Buy property in Uganda for any purpose, remember that you are going to spend money you have saved over time. You need procedures and tips to guide you through the process of purchasing your dream property. Buying an overseas property anywhere in the world is always a big decision. In addition to finding a land