Investment Strategy

Invest in Companies with Sustainable Competitive Advantages and Growth Prospects

MGI seeks to invest in companies that have sustainable competitive advantages with significant potential growth. We will invest in companies that already have strong incumbent management teams or partner with managers to acquire companies in their industry.

Occasionally, to address compelling market opportunities, we will provide growth capital to businesses at earlier stages of maturity.

We structure capital to each individual investment in order to meet the specific needs of a given opportunity and the company’s specific business plan. As owners and board members, we become active participants in guiding the growth of our portfolio companies.

Our industry experience and broad affiliate network allows us to draw on a diverse set of strategic, financial and industry-specific resources.

Our close work with proven partners and management teams drives performance improvement and unlocks shareholder value.

MGI is committed to actively oversee each Investment by helping its management develop and execute strategic initiatives; launch and integrate subsequent acquisitions; arrange for debt and/or equity financing ; recruit additional management resources; and generate liquidity opportunities in public and/or private markets.

We will participate with others or will act as sole investors to achieve our goals and create value to our shareholders. Often, we serve as lead investors in our investments.

The most important criterion in evaluating attractive investment opportunities is the quality of the management team. We look for a proven track record, resourcefulness in problem solving, the ability to attract and retain quality personnel, and a strong desire for success.

We invest in a broad range of industries and have our mind set for diversification. We assist with growth and expansion needs as well as ownership changes and recapitalization. Our focus is on businesses that have opportunities for strong organic revenue growth, and exhibit both attractive margins and high returns.