About us

Our story

miniva global Investments Company is an Kenyan, established under Law that was registered in June 2016. investing in a diversified range of economic sectors covering a broad spectrum including industrial and agricultural investments, land reclamation and cultivation, livestock development, fisheries, real estate investments and tourism

What We Offer

We identify investment opportunities with strong growth prospects, experienced management teams and significant barriers to entry. To businesses we provide strategic and operational support through targeted analysis and recommendations; develop detailed growth plans and provide an executable road map for implementation. effectively manages its investments for the benefit of its stakeholders. This involves starting and developing businesses as well as sourcing, evaluating and funding investments.

Through honest and direct communication, and the ethical use of knowledge, Vantage seeks to act at all times to meet the best interests of its stakeholders. Vantage aims to build teams of like minded professionals that share their knowledge, explore differing views, and contribute through their individual strengths. By collaboration, communication and decision-making, Vantage seeks to develop and sustain the trust of its stakeholders.


We are an African Company that set new norms and changing the face of business by establishing a socially embedded company that uses its business success to transform lives, and make a difference in our communities.


we are combination of legacy,business, community building & a focus on Africa. We use the core values set by our founding fathers to build a strong company that uses good financial results to transform lives and make a difference in our communities.


miniva global investments focusing on innovative business opportunities in the telecommunications, property and commercial services sectors of the economy. We strive to generate superior returns for all stakeholders.

We provide the best service in industry

We attract high-performing individuals who are passionate about their area of expertise. Whether they are in investments, marketing, or finance, our people respect the value that the savings and investment industry can create for our investors.


To be the preferred investment partner, consistently unlocking value in an entrepreneurial manner, through long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.


To consistently deliver sustainable returns to our stakeholders by identifying, structuring and managing investments.